Sunday, June 27, 2010

Everyday is not a good day with TN.

Today was a blur. I was again suffering from a headache that made me almost useless but thanks to my computer who keeps me company in my lonesome moments. I found this site that will at least make me feel that someone out there is listening especially when you think that you bore your family and friends with your constant rant about how you are feeling. You also don't want to burden them with your redundant complaints of headaches especially when you make them feel as helpless as you are in sparing you from your agony. I hope tomorrow is a better day and will get me in a better mood since I have to be in a social mode because of a dinner party that my husband and I are attending. It's getting late and I still have my headaches.

Can someone please wake me up from this nightmare!

I thought I was on remission (and perhaps in denial) till I had a seizure the other night, a bout with a heavyweight migraine that knocked me out and left me bedridden, weak and dizzy. I thought I was ready to give up my meds cuz I was feeling okay since last September. I don't want to be popping pills after pills any more. I guess that's not going to happen. I am dependent on my meds.
I got home from golf that day and I was feeling okay. At dinner while my husband and I were having our pizza, I started having a migraine headache ( which I always have after being out all day). I took a triptan and it usually works instantly but the pain became worse. I panicked which I usually do when I feel facial pain. I started hyper ventilating and was having a hard time breathing. I was sweating bullets and feeling hot and cold at the same time. I was afraid I might be having pneumonia and meningitis. I wanted to be rushed to ER but my body says NO. I was feeling cold and too weak to get up. I preferred to just die in bed. My poor husband was at my beck and call. I asked him to turn the air con off cuz I was feeling cold and to quickly turn it back on cuz I was hot. I asked him to turn the TV off cuz the sound was giving me a headache. This is Neuralgia. I felt the facial nerve pains once again shooting from the gum of my teeth to the bones of my cheeks, burning. I hung on to my pain not wanting to move. Movement makes my pain even worse. My husband then laid down next to me and started caressing my forehead and I felt relaxed. But when he had fallen asleep, I persevered through my pain alone. The whole night was a nightmare and I endured it. The following morning, I felt weak, dizzy and wasted. I stayed in bed and forced myself to eat to have strength. I took my lyrica as always hoping to feel better. On the third day, I could walk around the house but my legs felt wobbly and lame. Now and ever, it's the anticipation of the pain that leaves me helpless and scared. There is nothing you can do when the pain attacks you. You just have to endure it and hope to live through it. I did it this time and knowing that it will come again, the thought of it is already killing me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Once Forbidden City

My visit to Beijing reminded me of my trip to Italy in 1999. Italy was getting ready for the millennium which celebrates the year 2000. My husband and I did not anticipate this at all or we would have moved our trip to a later date. Beijing like Florence and Rome were undergoing repairs and paintings, scaffolding were towering over the buildings and important and historical pieces were out for restorations. Beijing was getting prepared for the coming Olympics which they are hosting. Wrong timing but in spite of it all, we were still amazed by the magnificence of this vast city. 
I noticed there were more Chinese tourists than foreigners. That's what I admire the most about the Chinese. They explore their own country, learn more of their culture, heritage and traditions. Remember, the Chinese were also forbidden from entering the city unless you're part of the Emperor's household.

 The high walls make it impossible for anyone to climb over.

 Check out the nuts and bolts of the main entrance to the Forbidden city

The nylon tarpaulin that covers the repair and scaffoldings. This is the first thing that you see when you walk into the main entrance to the city. I was blown away by what I saw till I realized that it's not the real thing yet. Hahaha....I was fooled.

More construction going on.

  A lot of chinese tourists and foreigners.

My sister Anda inching her way through the chinese crowd to take a shot of the Emperor's throne.

Oriental details and asian color accents adorn the walls.

The vastness of the once forbidden city. Imagine the glorious days.

The mote that surrounds the high walls of the Forbidden city.
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Las Vegas is my Disneyland

Las Vegas was a place for gamblers who smoke cigars, have cheap steaks and watch sleazy shows.
All that changed overnight. The next time we went to Vegas was when we had our kids with us. We had a ball. The new hotel then was Excalibur and we all enjoyed it. They had a small circus going around the hotel lobby entertaining guests. Personalities such as Princess Guenevere and Lancelot during the period of Camelot were visible and we took pictures with them. There were a lot of activities for the kids. There were Circus Circus, Mirage and Treasure Island to name a few of the newly-built hotels. We hopped from hotel to hotel and having a grand time enjoying buffets, going to theme parks and arcades and of course shopping. Gambling? Maybe we play the slot machine from time to time but for the most part, there's more to gambling than meets the eye.
Hotels mushroomed in the past 10 years and we have become regulars in Vegas. Thanks to my mom who brings us at our whim. She always has an awesome suite reserved for her. So we take advantage of it. The suite at the Venetian is as beautiful as the hotel and we always go swimming at their magnificent pool where the water is warm and relaxing and the towels smell good. There's a french corner Bouchon that I love going to for my morning coffee and beignets.
We always watch shows when we're in Vegas. Cirque du Soleil shows like KA', Mystere, OH! and the latest LOVE by the Beatles were all amazing and spiritual. It touches your soul. My son loves Vegas and so does everyone else in the family, young and old. There's always something for everybody.

These pictures do tell. Vegas....You are my Disneyland.

    Buffett dining at the Wynn hotel  

     The grand lobby of Encore, Steve Wynn's newest Vegas hotel. 

The beautiful and colorful hanging lanterns at Wynn. Notice the mosaic floor tiles. Exquisite.

 Crystal and Murano glass chandeliers adorn the ceilings and decorate the walls of Encore.

Magical visual delight of floating colorful umbrellas at Encore.

One of the magnificent pools at the Venetian hotel. The water is warm and refreshing           
        and they play soothing and upbeat music all around. I could stay here all day long.

Beijing no.9, where we had our lunch before heading back to Sta Monica, Ca. What a scene!

Paris hotel on the strip. They have one of the best buffets and my mom's favorite.


Las Vegas at night. Exciting and quite spectacular!

New York New York is one of my fave hotels. They have the best deli in town and my son's favorite.