Thursday, October 14, 2010

I see dead Pere-Lachaise

Finding our way around the cemetery that houses massive monuments and historic graves.

Some of the world's most celebrated and famous people are buried along with victims of the most horrific and heinous crime known to man. My visit to this ancient and historical cemetery sitting on top of a sloping hill in Paris is an unforgettable and unbelievable sight. History says, that Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise, takes it's name from the confessor to Louis XIV, Pere Francois de la Chaise (1624-1709).

There are huge, unique busts and different sculptures like the grieving virgins sitting on their graves. General Napoleon's military officers are buried here. Theirs are the towering and massive monuments and mausoleums that they share with their families. Artists, writers and poets, philosophers, famous musicians, dancers, singers, actors and celebrities are buried alongside victims of the holocaust and the French revolutionary wars. Some are even shot dead right here in the cemetery. Edith Piaf is buried here with her grandchildren who died when they were still babies. Oscar Wilde's monument is full of graffitti and red lipsticks from kissing his grave. His penis is always stolen and replaced. It was easy to find Jim Morrison's tombstone because all we had to do is follow the long-haired men and women in peasant dresses. His grave is a landmark for Americans in Paris. We were lucky to have someone guide us around the cemetery. He didn't mind walking with us while telling us stories about the dead. He lives close to the cemetery so he treats it like a park where he can have peaceful strolls.  Maria Callas, Isadora Duncan, Balzac, Chopin and Yves Montand who is buried with Simone Signoret are all here, 6 feet under the ground. This is one cemetery I could visit again and again.

The weeping virgins

French novelist and playwright

This is the grave of Marie Trintignan, a famous young french actress who was killed by her rocker boyfriend out of jealousy.  It is her first death anniversary and her grave is full of fresh flowers and roses. 

Edith Piaf's grave. Her grandchildren who died when they were babies are buried with her.

Yves Montand is buried with Simone Signoret

Frederic Chopin is a gifted renowned Polish pianist who moved to France. There was a wreath from the president of Poland among the many flowers strewn around his burial site. Sitting on top of his grave is the muse of music, Euterpe, weeping over a broken lyre.

Jim Morrison of the famous rock group "The Doors". He died of a drug overdose and found dead in his bathtub in Paris.

  The tree beside Jim Morrison's grave. There are graffiti of different messages. Some are nice and some are not nice. 

Oscar Wilde's Monument is full of graffiti and red lipstick kisses imprinted on his grave. The Irish poet's  penis is always stolen and replaced.

The photos below are a few of the graves of Napoleon's generals and their families. Theirs are the towering and massive monuments .

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