Friday, June 18, 2010

Once Forbidden City

My visit to Beijing reminded me of my trip to Italy in 1999. Italy was getting ready for the millennium which celebrates the year 2000. My husband and I did not anticipate this at all or we would have moved our trip to a later date. Beijing like Florence and Rome were undergoing repairs and paintings, scaffolding were towering over the buildings and important and historical pieces were out for restorations. Beijing was getting prepared for the coming Olympics which they are hosting. Wrong timing but in spite of it all, we were still amazed by the magnificence of this vast city. 
I noticed there were more Chinese tourists than foreigners. That's what I admire the most about the Chinese. They explore their own country, learn more of their culture, heritage and traditions. Remember, the Chinese were also forbidden from entering the city unless you're part of the Emperor's household.

 The high walls make it impossible for anyone to climb over.

 Check out the nuts and bolts of the main entrance to the Forbidden city

The nylon tarpaulin that covers the repair and scaffoldings. This is the first thing that you see when you walk into the main entrance to the city. I was blown away by what I saw till I realized that it's not the real thing yet. Hahaha....I was fooled.

More construction going on.

  A lot of chinese tourists and foreigners.

My sister Anda inching her way through the chinese crowd to take a shot of the Emperor's throne.

Oriental details and asian color accents adorn the walls.

The vastness of the once forbidden city. Imagine the glorious days.

The mote that surrounds the high walls of the Forbidden city.
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