Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Viaduct de Millau

I arrived in Paris to spend the summer with my two sisters. One sister flew in from Los Angeles while the other sister and her family live just outside of Paris.
We have been planning this trip for a long time. Now that we're finally here, we all packed our bags and hopped in their Land Rover for a road trip to Perpignan, France. 
We were all excited and looking forward to our summer vacation together. 
We were warned about the 8 hour drive but since this was all new to me. 
I was looking forward to the adventure. The initial highlight of the trip was crossing the majestic and impressive bridge to the South of France.

A Norman Foster design, it is currently the longest cable-stayed bridge 
and also the tallest and highest in the world.
Situated in the Aveyron region where one can find locally designed, 

hand-made and hand-sewn ladies’ leather or suede gloves. 
A village where cheese artisans make the most delicious Roquefort cheese. 

It was a dizzying sight that towers above you as you cross the long highway.