Friday, September 7, 2012

A mouthful in the South

There are a lot of ports along the Mediterranean coast of 
France and Spain.

St. Cyprien, Canet, Ceret, Banyuls, Port Vendres, Port Argeles and Collouire are in the French side while Port Lligat, Cadaques, Empuria Brava are on the Spanish side.
Each of these ports has something special, exclusive and unique to offer. Banyuls has barrels of their aperitif wine while Collouire are known for their fresh anchovies and sardines. 

While shopping in Ceret, there were espadrilles galore but I ended up buying a Panama Hat for my husband. 

When you cross the Pyrenees mountains to Empuria Brava, 
they serve the most delicious paellas, tapas and churros con chocolate.                                                                                                                        

Enjoying a beautiful day and bustling scenery while having our brunch in Canet.

mussels served with pomme frites
mussels cooked in white wine and fresh herbs in it's natural juice.
Chilled rose in plastic bag filled with ice and cold water. 
What a refreshing idea to serve chilled wine at home

Having our brunch in Collouire. 
Ordered our salad served with your own vinaigrette...nice touch.
a variety of skewered and grilled shrimps, squid and pork served with smoked ham and crusty baguette.

What an incredible way to start the vacation. I have a feeling it's going to be gastronomic. Well, bring it on.