Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dumaluan Beach

My Mother and I went to Cebu to attend my brother's wedding and soon after that, I whisked her away and embarked to Tagbilaran City via Supercat. It has been a while since my mom and I had a vacation.. The ride in the fast ferry took almost two hours. Once we arrived at the port, we were greeted by our tour guide for our day tour (which I will talk about in another blog). After our long day of sightseeing, the rest of the week was spent by the beach.

The last stop of the tour was the historical blood compact statue which overlooks Panglao beach. The water was so inviting. Our tour guide arranged a shuttle for us to Alona beach. I was looking forward for a little rest and recreation,  and eager to take my 83 year old mother on a swim in the vast, warm blue sea.

Had our breakfast by the quiet sea. We woke up to a relaxing and serene view.