Saturday, May 14, 2011

Restaurant Le St. Raph

One of our favorite  rustic family restaurant in Vives, Perpignan.

While staying at my sister's summer home in Vives, our favorite rustic family restaurant was just down the road. They don't have a website so this is when mine becomes useful to you. 

They  serve tender magret de canard, juicy steaks perfectly prepared to your liking, fresh anchovies on salads or freshly baked baguettes served with roasted bell peppers, grilled mouth-watering jumbo shrimps to name a few. It is situated beside a calming lake where kids can run around and play with the beavers. There is a small bistro beside it which they also own and they serve hamburgers and crispy pomme frites. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

L'Hostalet de Vives

                                Dining out in Catalonia is always an enjoyable feast.
              From Languedoc-Roussillon for fresh anchovies, sardines and juicy steak, 
                to Figueres and Barcelona, Spain for tapas and mouth-watering paellas.

 A typical rural Catalan restaurant in Vives, Perpignan.

What a treat!

A walk to the restaurant from our summer house. 

But a short and refreshing walk along the cobblestone road from our summer home in Vives leads us to the famous rural catalan restaurant that serves authentic dishes from this french region.