Friday, July 6, 2012

My quiet moment at St.-Pauline-Kirche

While travelling between France and Germany, I was invited by our very good German friend who lives in Trier to come and visit. He had just become a grandfather and I was excited to meet the new addition to their family. He assured me it was well worth the visit and he already bought my train ticket. It was a Thalys train so in less than an hour from Gare de lest, I was at the station to meet him. There is so much to blog about Trier. Tourists and Germans flock to this small town to learn about its rich heritage and history .

One of the ancient churches we visited was St.-Pauline, a Romanesque basilica 
which houses one of the rarest attraction in Germany. Christians were persecuted during the Roman empire and the bones of Christians who belonged in the Theban legion are buried in this Roman sacred ground.

                                     This video was taken inside the magnificent baroque church 
                                                      designed by Balthasar Neumann.