Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Venice of the East

 This is my first trip to Shanghai.Thanks to my sister-in-law Imelda for touring me to new places I have never been before. I've done the city, walked around the french corner where we had apple tartin and ice cream. By then we were craving for western food so even Kentucky and McDonald's were delectable. We had our retail therapy of inexpensive lubutongs, goat cheese and diors. Figure that one out..hahaha... 

The drive to Suzchou was a couple of hours but the trip was well worth it. Zhoujiajiao reminded me so much of Venice but the ambiance is very eastern.We decided to take a ride and enjoyed the moment


After the lovely ride, we took a walk around the eskinitas and there were a lot of peddlers selling thier handicrafts and wares. Our chinese guide told us that chinese people eat everything with four legs....except the table...hahahaha....there were frogs, snails and anything that moves that were being sold. So when it was time to have lunch, I lost my appetite. Although I skipped lunch, I was entertained by a chinese couple with their local music.

After our lunch, we took a walk around the narrow walkways again and lo and behold, hawkers were making hot hopias and the smell opened my palette and I got hungry.  I was a happy camper the moment I saw these savory delicacies. They were so delicious that it reminded me of the hot hopias in Binondo, Manila by Quiapo church. I felt totally at home. Even the baby agrees with me. 

Can I take you home with me?...:)

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