Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eclectic Shanghai

I decided to meet my sister in Shanghai. Anda is on a business trip so I hung around with my sister-in-law Imelda who lives in Shanghai and my niece Robin who happened to be taking classes in Fudan University. So the 3 of us did what tourists normally do, sight see and eat. Imelda took us to Hunan restaurant and the food was hot hot hot but they were so delicious.

We headed off to the Shanghai museum where they showcase the most incredible chinese artifacts and once outside the museum,  you can admire the modern Pudong skyline.  It was a good day to be outdoors.



We visited temples after temples that house a variety of Jade Buddhas.We tied ribbons to have our wishes fullfilled and lit incense for our good fortune.




 We dropped by a tea salon and we were educated on the different types of teas and how you serve them........What a full day........Now what to do tomorrow...hmmmm....



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