Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Humble Administrator's Garden

It is the largest of all classical gardens in Suzhou and 
the most representative of Chinese classical gardens in the Ming Dynasty. 
The name for the garden came from an essay called  "To cultivate my garden and 
sell my vegetable crop is the policy of humble man".

Suzhou is a city with many beautiful gardens. A visit to the  Humble Administrator's Garden was the most amazing and humbling experience. We enjoyed the walk admiring its ethereal beauty which gave us a feeling of tranquility and serenity. 

The layout of "water" characterized the Humble Administrator Garden,
 because a pond takes up 3/5 of the whole garden. 
You will come across the pond almost everywhere when walking in the garden.

It is listed as a World Cultural Heritage site and has also been 
designated as one of the Cultural Relics of National Importance
under the Protection of the State.

                               The exuberant trees and flowers bring delightful effects of nature.
                                   There are numerous scenic spots that combines both
                                          the human ingenuity and the beauty of nature.

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