Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Getty Museum

Going to the museum by taking the Sta. Monica Blue Bus line is much easier for me than taking my car. It only takes one short bus ride from Bundy and Sta. Monica blvd. to the museum and you're there in 10 minutes. You walk in, take the tram to go up the steep hill and enjoy the fabulous view West of Los Angeles. If you opt to take a drive to the museum, you need to call them first for reservations which will take weeks, and you have to pay for parking.

the 405 freeway going north. 
Freeway leads to San Francisco, Sta. Barbara, North Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, etc.

A majestic view  west of  Los Angeles. Sta. Monica, Malibu, 
Century City,  Beverly Hills, etc. seen from the top.
The Zen garden adds tranquility to the museum.

 I feel lucky to be living so close to the Getty because it is a nice and quiet place where you can just sit and wallow in the magnificence of the museum's art collections and superb architecture. You can also take a walk in the garden and admire the beauty of the landscape. You can lay down in the grass for a rest, to read or meditate to your heart's content. No one will bother you and it is so quiet that you can hear your heart beat. The silence becomes the music in your ears. The museum is huge and  has vast collections that a day is not enough to appreciate it. The view from above is amazing, the architecture is massive and seamless and once inside the building, you see the natural lights coming in from above. It is a visual delight.

Let's take a walk outside and have more fun. 
We weren't allowed to have pictures taken with the sculptures 
but we managed to steal a shot with Brancusi's masterpiece.

now we get to walk in the park.
 A place where you can find solace within the picturesque landscape,
lushful garden, colossal structures and extravagant trees. 
Truly a heavenly and spiritual feeling.

If Renoir or Monet would have been alive today,
they would have painted another masterpiece.

Taking a break and enjoying your drinks and snacks amid the towering pillars.
Now let's take a peek inside and visit the priceless paintings and exquisite tapestries.

Artwork of James Tissot, Cezanne, Monet, The Irises of Van Gogh, famous portrait of King Louie XIV, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas to name a few.
Tapestries of Miro' and other famous Italian artists adorn the walls. 
French design is not to be missed. The experience satisfies not only the eyes but as well as the soul.

 The Irises by Van Gogh
portrait of Cezanne                                    
Impressions by Monet                              
 beautiful painting of a naked woman by Degas.              

 James Tissot. Notice how he was able to show details of the black dress.
self-portrait of Degas                                                             
This is the famous portrait of King Louis XIV

Now, let's look at the ornate french interior designs.

These are only a few of what is inside and outside of the museum. 
It is one of my favorite spots in LA and one of my fave pastimes aside from of course, amusement parks. 
Getty Museum is so generous to offer this for free. I heart you Getty.

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  1. Hi, i've been to Louvre and Disney Village in Paris. Loved every minute of it, probably the most beautiful city ...

  2. That really is an urban jungle. I am following this blog on google friend connect. I hope you like outdoors out of the city nature and will follow my blog as well on google friend connect. thanks

  3. Wow!!! Lovely pictures.....thanks for the visual treat:) I loved most of them, though the one that caught my eye and I've never seen such an innovation was - the trees with pink flowers that looked like bunches of!