Saturday, October 22, 2011

Restaurant Cap de Creus

I don't make plans for my birthday anymore. When it happens, it happens. When you plan your birthday and things don't go your way, you have set yourself up. I've learned my lesson and I'm happier this way. Your birthday becomes more intimate and special to you.

My sister has been asking me to join them in the South of France for the summer. So when that day finally came, we packed our bags and drove to Vives where they have a summer home. It was my first time in the Pyrenees and I was in heaven.

My sister took me to museums, ports and fortresses, to ancient churches and of course boating along the Mediterranean sea. But the one special place the family brought me to was in Cap de Creus to celebrate my birthday. They treated me to an exotic and sumptuous Indian food overlooking a fabulous view of the ocean against the clear blue sky.

Cadaques is Salvador Dali country where we visited his museum in Barcelona and his home in Port Lligat. A slice of heaven where he got his inspiration for his surreal art along with other great artists such as Henry Matisse and Pablo Picasso who lived along the coast of Costa Brava.

The restaurant is perched atop a mountain and driving up is a visual delight but be careful not to look down so much, it's quite dizzying. Olive trees line up the road and further down are cliffs and reefs.  When we got to our destination and parked our car, we walked up to this obscure and bohemian structure that offered the freshest sardines and delectable Indian food amid a spectacular view of sand, sea and sky.

The part I love about dining here is sharing the food served on the table. We passed the dishes around, served one another, devoured our plates of curries and cream, yogurt with cool cucumber sauce, sweet and spicy chutneys and fresh sardines.

I was dreaming of one day spending my birthday atop a mountain overlooking the sea on a beautiful day. Enjoying exotic food with my family and loved ones. 
Who would have thought that today was that day!
I so love my birthday treat. I didn't plan this and I am so grateful for the grand surprise. 

Dream on!!

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