Sunday, May 1, 2011

L'Hostalet de Vives

                                Dining out in Catalonia is always an enjoyable feast.
              From Languedoc-Roussillon for fresh anchovies, sardines and juicy steak, 
                to Figueres and Barcelona, Spain for tapas and mouth-watering paellas.

 A typical rural Catalan restaurant in Vives, Perpignan.

What a treat!

A walk to the restaurant from our summer house. 

But a short and refreshing walk along the cobblestone road from our summer home in Vives leads us to the famous rural catalan restaurant that serves authentic dishes from this french region.


our friendly neighbor and sommelier 
for starters, a variety of sausages to open your palette
 and complement your wine.

Escargot with garlic, bacon and herbs. 
Very typical dish in Perpignan.
char-grillled escargot 

 prime steak which melts in your mouth....ooh la la.

our master meat cutter
torched sweet pineapple 
 lamb stew....soft as butter

peaches that were torched and caramelized to perfection.     
freshly-baked bread with garlic which you spread on top. 

A variety of tender pork meat that falls off the bone. 

So delicious especially 
when eaten with their accoutre'ments.

and a killer drink to cap the dinner.

Jean-Michel showing off. 
This is the right way to do it
 and it goes straight up to your head.

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