Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hotel Templier in Collouire

A visit to this small village in Perpignan is as colorful as the paintings of Henry Matisse and Raoul Dufy. We decided to have dinner at the Hotel Templier. The restaurant offers the best sardines and fresh anchovies in the south of France. So my sisters and I gave it a try along with other delectable catalan cuisine.


this a very old restaurant and hotel. It houses a lot of the original paintings of Henry Matisse. He lived in Collouire and stayed in this hotel.

fried sardines, their specialty. The fresh flavor melts in your mouth.
fresh anchovies with roasted red and yellow peppers and creamy cheese on baguette.
feta cheese inside the filo. It was beautiful and delicious.
food glorious food with my sisters in Collouire..... 


....if I'm dreaming....don't wake me up.


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