Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Walking Tour of the Latin Quarter

Finding something to do is not hard when in Paris. One early morning, my sister and I joined a walking tour of the Latin Quarters in the west bank where artists, writers, students and intellectuals hang out and live. It is rich in prose and poetry where novels like Cyrano de Bergerac and Les Miserables rule.

The piazza in front of Notre Dame Cathedral
 where the colors of the trees are beginning to change in September.

The sisters in front of Notre Dame

Sorbonne University. The French pay a ridiculously inexpensive amount of money to study here.

This is a statue in front of Sorbonne University. Students touch the gold shoes and wish for them to pass their exams and they do. Go figure.
In order to save on taxes, they have small windows
 for the sunlight 
to come in through the kitchen.

If you notice the different sizes of the windows, 
there's a reason for that in the old times.
 They used to tax you on your windows. 
The bigger the window, the higher your tax.

This is an old, small bookstore where Shakespeare used to live. They require him to work for free lodging. He can also read one book a day and he should write novels for the bookstore. 
the owner of this bookstore was Sylvia Beach, who in the 20s, saw to it that James Joyce's "Ulysses" got published. Up to now, there are a number of transient workers there that work for the bookstore for them to live in one of the corner alcove that become bedrooms when the store closes.
This was the apartment where Dante Alighieri, the Italian writer, lived. He also was a serious student of Christian theology in Paris.
a very narrow street typical of the streets of Paris
Paris....tres jolie!!

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