Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St. Denis and Canal St. Martin and Rue La Fayette in Paris

I wanted to see Canal St. Martin because I've seen paintings of it by famous artists. Somewhere along the way to the canal, we got lost but it didn't matter because we enjoyed our walk. We finally arrived at Poisson Rouge for some cappuccino and pastry. After our photo shoots by the canal, Zen and I needed some retail therapy so we continued our walk along Rue La fayette to go to Gallerie La Fayette and Printemps.

Before we embarked on our journey to the Canal, we had lunch in this Indian restaurant. 
This is an Indian neighborhood where you can find authentic curry and tangine dishes served with my fave, chutney. I'm crazy for curry food. Gotta have it.

aside from curry dishes, they also sell a lot of other things typical of their culture.

cafes everywhere. Love the ambiance.

You can actually rent these bikes anytime of the day. Another way of life here in Paris.

street signs in Paris
walking in the St. Denis neighborhood

Pigeons are quite annoying in Paris. 
A pigeon's turd landed on my shoulder once and from then on, 
I don't leave the house without a hat on. 

Another way of life in Paris is the usual laborer's strikes. 
These are garbage trucks on strike along with the Metro and teachers. 
So, students are happy because they, again, have no school.

The famous Canal St. Martin. This is how it looked on canvas at the Musee D'Orsay.

De L'Est train station where I took my Thalys train to Trier, Germany. 
I slept in the train all the way to Germany. It took about an hour to get there. 
It was a smooth ride.
an artist working in the streets of Paris
KingKong attempting to paint Paris pink. And he also looks pretty in pink...:)
a billboard ad of Galerie La Fayette that says "Style on your feet".
inside the Galerie La Fayette. Retail therapy available for everybody.

Shopping.....another way of life in Paris.

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