Friday, January 1, 2010

Thrilla in Manila...

Nope. Not boxing. Not about Ali vs Frazier. It's bigger than that. It's New Year's in Manila. A 360 degree view of fireworks seen on a rooftop in metropolitan Makati is a visual delight. A magical exhibition of sights and sounds of the countdown simultaneously happening in Quezon City, Manila, The Fort, Rockwell, Pasig to name a few. Truly a some revelers. For others... like myself and my dog, it's a struggle. My heart leaps each time I hear a blast and my dog gets very nervous. I'm afraid she might even get a heart attack! Do we really need to have it in every corner?  They should stop selling firecrackers and just stick to lusis. Enough of the triangulos, bawang, labintador and the likes. They are dangerous, fatal and toxic to the air we breathe.

 So please, can we just have the fireworks display?  It's killing me and my dog!

1 comment:

  1. Belated Happy New Year! I am not really in favor of firecrackers, it pollutes the air. I hope that our gov't will finally put an end to this but tradition so dictates that this has been our way and just cannot cease.