Sunday, December 13, 2009

swimming with the butandings in sorsogon

Me and my friends wanted to do something different for the summer. One of them suggested we go to Donsol and swim with the whalesharks.  Our plane took us to Legazpi City where you can see Mayon volcano from the sky. It was a majestic sight. We first visited Daraga church and we headed off to Donsol. The ride took about an hour or so. Search for whalesharks

Happy campers with the towering Mayon volcano.
Daraga church in Legaspi city.

When we got there, we were so excited that we didn't waste any time. We changed to our swimsuits and we were off to sea. We rented a boat with spotters and a guide. Spotters watch the sea for shadows of the whaleshark. Once he spots a shadow, you situate yourself at the edge of the boat and when he says "JUMP", there's no time to waste and you must jump.


Our spotters looking out for the whale's shadows.

When they say high?....hahahahaha.

 This is one experience that everybody must try even once in their lives. It is magical and exhilarating.. Swimming with the whale sharks in the beaches of Donsol, Sorsogon was unforgettable. These
creatures are docile and eat plankton that float in the sea. The first time I jumped in the water, I freaked out. I came face to face with the butanding with its big round eyes and slightly opened mouth. It was huge! I started to panic. After I got over the initial shock, I put my snorkels back on and I was enjoying my swim with the whale shark.

We capped the evening with a visit to the Talisay tree that looked like a burning bush. I have not seen a tree with blinding lights from the fireflies. My camera couldn't capture the spectacle. But the memory stays with me. It was outasight!

The following day, we rode the boat again to take us to the waterfalls. I felt so energized after the swim. It was a short visit but filled with memorable experiences.



This video says it the way, that's  my hand with the wedding

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  1. Wow wow... this is great! U're lucky to have experienced it. Whale sharks are not dangerous to swim with. They don't have appetite for gorgeous humans, let alone supermoms. Lol! I wish I could visit Donsol too, just for sight-seeing coz i'm not a good swimmer.