Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marie-Antoinette's dreamy estate

I've seen the castle of  King Louis IV in Versailles before and I still can't get over the feeling up to this day.
 It is grand, wealthy, ostentatious, decadent and magnificent.
Marie-Antoinette was lucky to have hooked up with a fashionable and wealthy king of France.
They were both very young. Marie-Antoinette was a teenager when she married the King. 
So imagine the power that was bequeathed you. 
It completely consumed the Queen that she got out of touch with the real off with their heads. 
They were the last royalty who lost their heads in the heart of Paris. 
At first, I rationalized the Queen's shortcomings and weaknesses. 
But the moment I visited her Trianon and Hamlet,
 I saw the light. She was a queen who staged her passion for being a peasant. How? 
She had a dreamy estate built to satisfy her caprice.

We sat by the lake and had our lunch before we went to 
Marie-Antoinette's Trianon and Hamlet.
 It was a nice picnic with my sisters.
 Even the swans and the ducks enjoyed our company.

A variety of  beautiful blooms and vegetables  are planted all
over her estate.                                          

There were several houses and big huts. 
One house is where she gets dressed,
another is where they keep her serviettes and utensils among others.
She also has her own house, her maids own quarters, etc.

hundreds of hungry fishes. 
The scariest sight in her estate.

              This is my favorite quiet place to lay on the grass and relax.

Marie-Antoinette's Castle...TRIANON

A visit to Marie-Antoinette's petit palace and her own village which she calls Hamlet.
 Now I know why they cut off her head. This village is so capricious. 
This is the place where she can pretend to be a peasant milking cows, baking bread 
and making cheese. She even has her own theatre where she performs as a...peasant. 
She had no clue of what's happening outside of her castle. 
The french are hungry while she eats her cake.
A lazy walk through her vineyard felt surreal.

Marie-Antoinette's personal theater where she can act out her fantasy of a peasant.

It was like walking in a dream. 
If I can only have my own Hamlet....DREAM ON.


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