Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I picked up a new sport since I got married. I think it was a good decision to avoid becoming a golf widow.Since my husband is an avid golfer, I did myself a favor and learned to be passionate about the game. First, I watched professional golf on tv with him and started asking pertinent questions about the sport. What's a par? a birdie? what's an eagle and a double eagle? What's the big deal about a hole-in-one? How does one acquire a certain handicap? It was crazy! Much less learn the techniques and mechanics of  how to hit the ball regardless of the lie and the state of where the ball is. Yup. I learned it the hard way. My husband was my pro and thank god for his patience. It took 10 years of hard labor and relentless enthusiasm to reach my 20 handicap, no easy feat. The best gift that golf can offer me is being able to play the sport at any age, hopefully through my sixties. Since I gave up on exercising, this is the best exercise for me cuz I enjoy it immensely. See you in the golf course.....Fore!!

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